Doctor Blade Technique

    doctor blade

  • : A metal blade used in rotogravure for scraping off redundant ink from the printing roll
  • A thin flexible blade mounted parallel to and adjustable against an engraved anilox roll, for the purpose of scraping off excess ink.
  • (DOCTOR BLADES) Tool used to skim or scrape ink or meal from die cylinders.


  • A way of carrying out a particular task, esp. the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure
  • A skillful or efficient way of doing or achieving something
  • a practical method or art applied to some particular task
  • Skill or ability in a particular field
  • proficiency: skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity; “practice greatly improves proficiency”
  • Technique is the fifth original album by New Order, released in 1989. Partly recorded on the island of Ibiza, it incorporates Balearic beat and acid house influences into the group’s electro/rock sound.

doctor blade technique

Snakes and mistakes…

Snakes and mistakes...
On Augst 8, 2005 I published the below story into a blog I own describing my experiences in the Balkans.

"About a year ago I was home visiting my family. One day I was out mowing the lawn of my mother’s house when I spotted a snake trying to escape the whirling lawnmower blades. I tried to avoid hitting the snake but my reflexes just weren’t fast enough; I cut the thing in half. I stood there pissed off at myself as I screamed “FUCK!” and watched both pieces flip over and over like the broken off tail of a lizard.

All of a sudden though I remembered a memory from Bosnia and I felt like crying. I just got all emotional and started crying as I flopped down in the yard with my hands to my face. I felt like shit, ashamed and guilty all at the same time as I picked up the two pieces of this snake and threw them into the tree-line. You might suspect the story I remembered from Bosnia is horrible and bloody; the fact is it’s not. It involves a snake I had to kill in some remote village along the Drina River. The Drina river is the border between eastern Bosnia and western Serbia.

I loved going to this tiny, very remote Bosnian Serb mountainous village. I had been there many times helping to rebuild a small school building destroyed during the war. I knew just about every member of this village and truly felt “at-home” there – I could honestly go back one day and live out the remainder of my years happily eve after.

But anyway, we were all taking a break from what ever it was we were doing on that day. I can’t seem to remember. I think we were sitting on a bench drinking some rakija and coffee when all of a sudden someone lets out a horrific scream. My head is jolted in the direction of the scream and I see two females running. I’m looking around to see what they are running from when I spot a large snake crossing the yard. What I did next got me into a little trouble with the “elders” of the village. I had been doing shots of rakija and was buzzing real hard so I didn’t even think about my actions – I just did it.

I got up from my seat and walked over to the snake and picked it up. Now when I say picked it up I’m not saying it was that easy – it actually took me a few minuets to grab the thing correctly so it couldn’t bite me. I used a technique I taught myself while hunting rattlesnakes as a child. I used to catch and kill rattlesnakes to sell their skins. I would get anywhere from five to 10 dollars a skin depending on the length of the skin as well as the rattle.

It’s a simple process but takes practice, patience and most off all confidence to pull it off. I wouldn’t advise anyone to try such a thing especially under the influence but, I was near drunk at the time and didn’t think of the consequences of being bitten way out there in the middle of nowhere without a hospital, doctor or anti-venom for hundreds of kilometers.

Let’s see if I can describe how to do it. The main goal is to isolate the snakes head with a stick but, I didn’t have a stick, I used my boot. See, if I was sober I would have simply walked to the tree-line a few feet away and picked one up. If you can grab the snake by its tail and spin around, twirling the snake in the air a few times it’s possible to quickly place your boot over the snakes head as it comes to a stop on the ground after spinning. If you miss a few times that’s no problem because it’s hard for a snake to bite you when you have him by the tail and you’re in the correct position. As he tries to strike you simply pull the snake up a little as your arm is fully extended and you’re bent at the waist with your head forward and ass to the rear. I know this sounds crazy and stooped but it’s easy for me and I can do it with no problem. I’ve yet to be bitten; I guess “yet” being the key word, right?

When your boot is over the head of the snake you simply reach down and grab him just below his jaw bones. Make sure you squeeze hard enough but not too hard and don’t be afraid of his body once it goes wild sometimes wrapping around your arm. I’ve seen people panic after grabbing the snake because they weren’t expecting the cold body of the snake to thrash around and wrap around their arm as they try to throw it – bad mistake.

I had the snake in hand and started walking towards the Drina to let it go when I was stopped by some kids and younger men wanting to look at it. This petting zoo was interrupted by an older man who was angry.

This man went on about how I was setting a bad example to the younger ones of the village and that he didn’t appreciate an American in his village acting tuff trying to showoff and that if anyone was ever bit there simply wasn’t qualified medical help for hours. I was taken aback by his words to be honest, for my intent wasn’t to act tuff or to showoff. I simply did it without even thinking about it.

I was forced to chop the snake’s head off with the hatchet the old man was carrying with him. I tried to tell him there w

Fallout New Vegas Figures: Mlucci

Fallout New Vegas Figures: Mlucci
Well, it’s been a while since my last Fallout figure, and this time i’d though i would make myself seeing how I’ve made most of my Inspirations. Also, Kick-ass Pip Boy!
If You Favorite Please Comment!

Background: Mike was born in Vault 13 in the year 2241. Around this time, the Enclave had been taking members of Vault 13 and performing inhumane biological testing on them. As a small group of members resisted the capture, the Enclave began to kill those who resisted and capture all those who didn’t. Few were lucky enough to bypass Enclave personal and avoid capture. Along with these people were Mike’s parents and himself, although he was only a few days old at this time, and they were able to reach the New California Republic. Here they found safety and became strong supporters of the NCR. Mike grew older and took interest in the NCR, training and learning alongside them. They taught him firearms training, melee combat, survival techniques, and medical knowledge shaping him into a true survivor. When he turned 18, he officially joined the NCR and quickly ran up the ranks becoming a Master Sergeant in less than 2 years. 20 years later, Mike was now a Captain and was relocated to Hoover Dam. Mike had always heard stories of a city untouched by the bombs that remains a beauty of the past world, but never truly believed it until he saw it. At Hoover Dam he was ordered to prepare his men for a possible invasion by members of a vicious army called Caesar’s Legion. The battle didn’t come for another year, but when it did his men suffered heavy casualties. While trying to rescue wounded troops from under a fallen pillar, a Legion soldier jumped on his back and stabbed him in the head with a combat knife directly through his helmet. What would have killed most people didn’t kill Mike. He was still able to save the wounded troops which gave his men even more dedication to fight. They held on as long as they could until they were forced to set off the explosives in Boulder City, killing most of the Legion troops, but sadly many NCR soldiers. As the NCR pushed the remaining Legion back over the damn, a Private dragged Mike’s body back to the HQ at Hoover Dam where he woke up 4 days later. Doctors told him it was astounding how he did not die, even after serious brain surgery. General Oliver, amazed at his efforts, awarded him with the NCR Medal of Honor, and relocated him to Camp Forlorn Hope for further rest. As he healed, Mike kept the half-broken blade in his helmet as a sign of strength, and made a quick recovery. Today he resides as one of the very few Captains at Camp Forlorn Hope.